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Block Slashing

Clear your property prior to FIRE DANGER SEASON!




Under the Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005, an owner of land must take reasonable steps to minimise the potential for fire outbreaks on the land. Council also has a responsibility to ensure that fire risks within the Tatiara District Council are minimised. 

Land owners are required to maintain land in accordance with the following from 15th November to 15th April the following year. This may be altered by the Country Fire Service to take into account climatic conditions:


  • If the land is a vacant block under one hectare in area, maintain all undergrowth at or below 10cm in height.


  • If the land is a vacant block over one hectare in area, establish and maintain a fuel break around the whole area, placed as near as practicable to the perimeter. The fuel break shall be at least a 10 metre wide strip on which all grass, pest plants and undergrowth is reduced to a maximum of 10 centimetres.


The responsibility to have your land cleared rests with the landowner and if necessary, you should contact an appropriate service provider to arrange clearance of the land. 

Block Slashing


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