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Food Safety



Ensuring food is received and maintained to an acceptable standard prior to it being sold to the public is an important aspect in protecting public health.  

All persons or organisations handling public food are required to complete a Food Business Notification form and return to the Council office.  In addition, please click on this link for permit and guidelines for temporary food stall Notification of Temporary Community Food Event (s).

For food handling tips at community events, please click on this link - Food Safety at Outdoor Events

Stainless Steel food thermometers can be purchased from Council at a cost of $40.  




Public Health

Food Safety Fundamentals

SA Health has commissioned a Food Safety DVD presented by MasterChef winner, Adam Liaw.

To view this DVD called "Food Safety Fundamentals" click here.



FREE Online Food Safety Training

The Tatiara District Council takes food hygiene within our district very seriously. All food businesses have obligations and the Tatiara District Council is assisting food businesses to meet these obligations by providing free access to this exciting new training tool.

There is a high demand for training within the food sector. This training will assist food handlers in developing the required skills and knoweldge to ensure food is handled in a safe and hygienic manner.

The program is easy to follow, includes an entertaining presentation as well as interactive quizzes. A training acknowledgement form can be printed upon completion and be kept as part of your staff records.

Visit: to conduct the training now.



Rainwater Tanks

In Australia where water is scarce, our limited rainfall is too valuable to waste. Rainwater is generally safe to drink but collecting a good, clean supply depends on "low maintenance - not no maintenance". The following fact sheet provides useful information and tips when using rainwater around the home - Rainwater Tank UsageRainwater%20Tank%20Usage(906 kb).




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Heatwave Information

Heatwaves can have a detrimental impact on communities. They affect many parts of everyday life such as health and wellbeing, energy and infrastructure, public transport and agriculture. They can also contribute to an increased fire risk and heat stressed trees, which pose a significant threat to public safety. The State Emergency Service (SES) has developed the Heatwave Information Guide to provide some simple steps to surviving heatwave. The guide also lists the signs of heat stress to look out for in yourself and others to ensure everyone's safety. Further information or to download a copy of the Heatwave Information Guide please click here. Important Contact Information: For medical advice telephone Healthdirect Australia on 1800 022 222 For immediate medical assistance telephone 000


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