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The Tatiara District Council is committed to providing services to the community in the most cost effective manner possible, while at the same time constructing and properly maintaining vital infrastructure for the benefit of existing and future generations.

To ensure that it meets its obligations to the community, Council annually monitors its performance in the key areas of Governance, Financial Management and Asset Management. Every 2 years Council participates in a Community Survey conducted by Roy Morgan Research to ascertain the community's satisfaction with Council's performance and also their views on Quality of Life. Information provided by the community, Government Agencies and other sources allows the Council to assess trends in its own performance, and to compare itself with the average results for similar Councils in the Region and around South Australia.

Direct comparisons with other Councils must be treated very cautiously and are not recommended, since there are many factors which contribute to and affect a Councils individual performance, and a one-to-one comparison will therefore often produce misleading results.

Should you require additional information on the data provided, please contact the Council office on 8752 1044.

Click for the latest information on Tatiara Council's performance in the seven 'key result' areas.

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