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Click here to download the WASTE TRANSFER TRANSFER STATION FEES & OPENING TIMES to put up on your fridge for easy reference.

Click here  to download the Kerbside Recycling Calendar.  Please note that your green bin needs to be put out on the alternate week to your yellow recycling bin.  


Household Refuse

This service is provided weekly on the following days:

  • Bordertown - Tuesday & Wednesday
  • Mundulla - Wednesday
  • Wolseley - Wednesday
  • Keith - Friday
  • Padthaway - Friday

Please ensure your red-lidded bin is put out by 6am on the day of collection, is facing the kerb and does not contain hazardous waste, heavy objects or glass.

Council supplies each property within the townships with one SULO bin.  Replacement bins can be arranged at a cost of 140 litre bin $48, 240 litre bin $55 by calling the Keith Office on (08) 8755 3347or the Bordertown Office on (08) 8752 1044.

Wheelie Bin Requirements

Household Refuse – Red lidded 140 litre bin

This service is provided weekly on the following days:

Bordertown - Tuesday & Wednesday

  • Mundulla - Wednesday
  • Wolseley - Wednesday
  • Keith - Friday
  • Padthaway - Friday

On collection day please remember to:

  • Put your bin out by 5am on the day of collection
  • Place your bin close to the kerb, within 1 metre.
  • Ensure your bin is not obstructed by trees, poles etc.
  • Check that the wheels of your bin are facing towards your house.
  • Ensure your bin is not packed too tightly as garbage may become stuck.
  • Limit the load in your bin or it may damage the truck or your bin when being lifted. Bricks, rocks, etc should not be put in your bin
  • Do not overfill your bin so that the lid cannot be fully closed, otherwise rubbish may spill onto the street.
What Not To Place In Any Bin

There are certain items that should not be placed in any residential bin. If your garbage bin is seen to contain any of the following materials, your bin will not be collected:

  • Car motor parts
  • Any materials preventing the lid from closing
  • Oil or liquid waste
  • Chemicals or hazardous waste
  • Large tree branches
  • Dirt, bricks or rocks
  • Hot ashes,
  • Building products (such as steel, concrete, bricks, or builder's rubble),

Make sure you don't overfill your bin or leave rubbish beside your bin - if you do, it will not be collected.

If material blows out of your bin YOU are responsible for picking it up!

Household Recycling

"If it's not clean, it's not recyclable"

This is a service provided fortnightly to town residents on the following days:

  • Bordertown - Tuesday & Wednesday
  • Mundulla & Wolseley - Wednesday
  • Keith & Padthaway - Friday

Please ensure your yellow-lidded bin is put out by 6am on the day of collection and is facing the kerb. 

When recycling it is important to make sure everything that you put into your recycling bin can actually be recycled and that it is not contaminated by other materials.  If everyone follows the simple steps below, we can keep costs down, minimise contamination and avoid sending valuable material to landfill:

  • Glass Jars & Bottles - remove caps, lids and recycle (rinse out containers)
  • Cardboard - all types of cardboard are acceptable for recycling from non-waxed cereal boxes to large cardboard packing boxes (please flatten all boxes)
  • Paper - All office paper, envelopes, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, advertising material, books and telephone books can be recycled.
  • Milk & Juice Cartons - rinse the empty cartons & flatten containers.
  • Plastic - All household plastics can be recycled.
  • Steel & Aluminium - All aluminium can be recycled including cans, alfoil trays & aluminium foil (please ensure no food scraps are stuck to trays and foil).

PLEASE NOTE:  Recycling bins holding any of the following materials will NOT be collected:

Dirty Nappies
Food & Garden Waste
Pyrex & Ceramics
  • Mirror or Window Glass
  • Polystyrene 

 For more information on recycling contact

Tatiara Transfer Station Locations & Opening Times

Residents may dispose of waste at the following Transfer Stations during opening hours.

  • Bordertown Transfer Station - Pigeon Flat Road
    • Tuesday 9.30 am - 11.30 am
    • Wednesday 9.30 am - 12 noon
    • Friday 12.30pm - 5.00 pm
    • Sunday 12.30pm - 4.00 pm   
  • Keith Transfer Station - Dukes Highway
    • Sunday 9.00 am - 11.30 am     


Waste Transfer Station Layout resize 

  *** drumMUSTER ***

Tatiara District Council farmers and wine makers no longer need to wait to recycle their empty and clean agvet chemical containers, after some recent changes to the local drum MUSTER program.

For the past 13 years, The Tatiara District Council has held two drumMUSTER collection days a year to service local growers.

But thanks to the new flexible arrangements to the drum MUSTER program  at the Bordertown and Keith Transfer stations, growers can now drop off their drums off at any time during transfer station operating hours (as listed above) instead of twice a year.

South Australia drumMUSTER consultant David Jesse said local growers are no strangers to recycling their chemical containers.


Resident Information

For Resident Information for the Disposal of Waste in line with Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Guidelines please see below: 

 Resident Information Waste Disposal 2014 no 1

 Resident Information Waste Disposal 2014 no 2

Resident Information Waste Disposal 2014 no 3

Resident Information Waste Disposal 2014 no 4

Additional Information

LIGHT GLOBES– domestic quantities can go to any Tru Value or Mitre 10 stores. There is plenty of information on the Zero Waste website: it is free of charge to the public for domestic quantities.  Click on this link to find your closest store: and

BATTERIES - Battery World have a free recycling option, click on the following link for a location near you:


Fees for Bordertown and Keith Transfer Stations

 As of February 2015

Disposal Fees


Note: if you’re paying by volume EG: if you have a 6x4 trailer below waterline, if you then sort your load and drop of the recyclables at the various locations around the transfer station and you are left with half (1/2) a 6x4 trailer load to go into the bulk bin, you would only pay $20 or left with a Quarter (¼)  you would pay only $10 etc.

Sorted Loads

 (you only pay for the volume that goes into the bulk bins)

Unsorted Loads

(charge only applies if you don’t sort recyclables out of your load as you drop off)

Mobile garbage bin 240 litre (each)



Mobile garbage bin 140 litre (each)



Car Boot



Station Wagon/Van



Car type ute trailer/trailer (6x4) below water level



Car type ute trailer/trailer (6x4) above water level



Tray Top Ute, Tandem Trailer (8x5 or greater) below water level



Tray Top Ute, Tandem Trailer (8x5 or greater) above water level



Large dual trailer below water level



Large dual trailer above water level



Light Truck (single axle) $219 tonne or $50/m3 (Max. 5 tonnes)



Rock, Gravel, Soil or Clean Fill POA (price on application)



Concrete $200m3 or $100 tonne



Compactor ($219.00 per tonne)



Green Organic, Lawn Clippings, non commercial loads only



Tree Prunings <200mm ($14m3 or $55/tonne) Non commercial







Price Per Item


Mattress – single



Mattress – double or larger



Lounge chair – single



Lounge chair – double/sofa (2 or more seater)



TV’s, PC monitors, DVD players, Tuners, Telephones, Mobile Phones , Power tools (All e-Waste is FREE)






Fridge/Freezer/Air conditioner






Globes and Fluros



Gas Bottles



Out of Hours Opening Fees



Out of Hours Opening Fees (after hours)




Recyclables that the Transfer Station will take at NO CHARGE

E-Waste (TVs, computers, monitors, DVD players, tuners, phones)


Clear Glass Bottles (Bottles and Jars)


Coloured Glass (Bottles and Jars)


Plastics (Household only)


Oils, Batteries, Untreated Timber


Sorted Demolition Waste (Timber with nails, steel, gyprock)


CDL Bottles and Cans




Green Organic Waste, Lawn Clippings


Drum Muster


Paper & Cardboard


Material that the Transfer Station will NOT take

Mixed Builders Waste


Mixed Demolition Waste


Commercial/Industry Waste


Treated Timber




Waste Oil Collection Facility

Waste Oil can be deposited free of charge during normal opening hours in Council's Waste Oil Recycling Facility (a 3,000 litre double walled tank complete with spill containment) at Council's Transfer Station, located on Pigeon Flat Road, Bordertown.

The facility has the following features:

  • Cleanable solids and sludge trap under removable heavy mesh floor for easy servicing.
  • Accepts all size containers including 205 litre drums.
  • Drum unloading hoist for 60 litre and 205 litre drums for safe unloading and compliance with OH&S requirements.
  • Anti-splash container, drainage area with fixed rack for 5 litre to 20 litre containers.
  • 25 litre drums can be easily loaded and drained from small trucks, utes and 4WD's etc. 
  • Small containers can be poured through mesh top and then left on rack to drain completely.

The following conditions apply:

  • For Waste Petroleum Oils Class 2 only
  • No cooking oils or fat
  • No brake fluid, coolants, solvents paints or any other chemicals whatsoever

This facility is funded by the Product Stewardship for Oil Program "An Australian Government Initiative".

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