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Public Consultation Process

Under the Local Government Act, Council is required to put specific items on public consultation. This aims to achieve a positive relationship with the local community and a transparent and responsive decision making process which encourages community participation.

Documentation relating to items on public consultation appear in the Border Chronicle or can be viewed at the Bordertown or Keith Council Office. Written submissions are invited from persons within 21 days of the notice or such longer period as determined by the Council or prescribed by legislation.

To download a copy of Council's Public Consultation Policy, please click on the below link.

Public Consultation Policy


The following items are for Public Consultation:

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Comments are invited on Council’s “Code of Practice Access to Council and Committee Meetings and Documents”.


This document relates to the principles, policies, procedures and practices that the council will apply for the purposes of public access to meetings, documents and minutes of Council and Committee meetings.


A copy of the draft Code is available from the Bordertown or Keith Council offices or by clicking on the following link: 

Code of Practice Access to Council and Committee Meetings and Documents(443 kb)


You can make a submission until 5.00 pm on 20 November 2019 as follows:


  • Comment online on our Facebook page; or
  • Email us at or
  • Write to us at: PO Box 346, Bordertown  SA  5268


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