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Council’s General Inspector provides a valuable job in monitoring parking and enforcing the Australian Road Rules for the purpose of public safety and community benefit, ensuring also that Council’s infrastructure is protected.



The majority of parking in Bordertown is located in the main street, Woolshed Street.
Please check signs for time limits.

A disabled park is available adjacent to the public toilets in Apex Park.


Parking is located in Hender and Heritage Streets.
Please check signs for time limits.
Disabled parking is available outside the doctor's surgery on Hender Street.


Can I park on the footpath?

Parking on footways, verges or nature strips is an offence and enforcement action can be taken on the owners of the offending vehicles.

A motor vehicle is not allowed to park on any of these areas as they have been set aside for safe pedestrian use only and often this causes damage to the infrastructure, underground services and the vegetation in the area as well.  The entire area between the gutter and the property alignment is Council property and cannot be used to park vehicles.

Council's General Inspector monitors parking and this includes unlawful parking on these areas.  Providing safe passageway of users and also Emergency Service access is paramount.


Truck and Heavy Vehicle Parking

Each year Council receives a number of complaints from residents who are concerned about the parking of heavy vehicles in residential areas.  Generally people are concerned about:

  • the visual impact of the parked vehicle.
  • noise associated with leaving and entering the property, especially early in the morning or late at night.
  • frequency of the vehicle leaving or returning to the property.
  • impact of associated activities like washing, mechanical repairs and maintenance, storage of materials etc.
  • parking of large vehicles on roadways and the manner in which they are reversed into or out of driveways.


What is a Heavy Vehicle?

A large vehicle that weighs more than 3 tonnes tare (3000kg) must not be parked in the township unless approval is sought from Council.  Vehicles  which would exceed this weight would include vans, buses, trucks, prime movers, earth moving equipment and any associated trailers.  The most appropriate place for all these vehicles to be parked is within industrial or commercial areas.

Drivers of heavy vehicles (vehicle with a GVM of 4.5 tonnes or more) or long vehicles (vehicle which is 7.5 metres long or longer) (including a trailer attached) must not stop on a road in a built up area for longer than 1 hour unless permitted by parking signage. Drivers having trouble finding somewhere to park their truck should contact the Council Office for assistance on 87521044.

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